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Terms and Conditions

The contract for the provision of short-term holiday rental accommodation (the Cottage) for the dates of your booking (the Stay) will be between the owners (We or Us) and the person making the booking (You or Your) under the following booking conditions. These booking conditions shall apply to and form part of the Contract and the Contract shall be governed by English law. These terms and conditions do not affect Your statutory rights.

For all bookings, the Lead Guest must complete and sign this contract. The Lead Guest must be over 18 years of age and authorised to make the booking and to accept these Terms & Conditions by all persons named on the Property Rental Booking Form. The Lead Guest will be responsible for making all payments due.

On receipt of documents from Us You must advise Us if anything appears to be incorrect. We regret We cannot accept liability if We are not notified of any inaccuracies within 10 days of sending the documents to You. We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason.


Bookings are CONFIRMED on receipt the deposit of 30% of the booking cost AND acceptance of this contract. The deposit must be paid within 24 hours of a booking being placed. The balance of the rental will be due for payment six weeks prior to the date of stay.
If We do not receive Your payment and acceptance of this contract within 24 hours of Your booking, then We will release Your reservation and will not be able to guarantee that the property will subsequently be available.

We must receive the balance of rental fee by 6 weeks prior to the booking arrival date. If payment is not received by Us in full and by this date then We reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled. In this case, cancellation charges as set out in the clause “Cancellation by You” will be applicable. Please note. No reminders of payment dates will be sent.

Bookings received 6 weeks or less before the booking arrival date must be paid in full. Although  We  would  not  anticipate  any  costing  errors  on  the  confirmation invoice, should here be an obviously incorrect price shown, then We will issue a new invoice and will not be bound by the price shown on the incorrect invoice.

a.) Cancellation by You

If You need or wish to cancel Your booking, You need to confirm Your intention to cancel in writing to Us as soon as possible. It is important that You notify Us as soon as possible should You wish to cancel. Once We have received in writing We will confirm the cancellation request.
In the event of cancellation then the following amounts become applicable which shall be a percentage of the total cost of the holiday.

More than 6 weeks prior to stay 30% of full cost
Between 4-6 weeks prior to stay – 50% of full cost
Between 2-4 weeks prior to stay – 70% of full cost
Between 1-2 weeks prior to stay – 80% of full cost
1 week prior to stay – 90% of full cost
On receipt of the cancellation, the above charges state the amount that You remain liable for at that point in time. We will then use reasonable our endeavours to obtain a replacement booking. In the event that We are successful in obtaining a replacement booking, We will refund You the total amount You paid less a 10% Booking Fee and less the difference in price between Your booking and the money We receive for a replacement booking if one is made.

Example:  A £500 booking, fully paid, cancelled and We receive £400, means that the You will be refunded as follows, £500 – 10% booking fee equals £450, – £100 rebooking shortfall, = Refund of £350.

Customer inability (or the inability of any, some or all of Your intended party) or disinclination to travel to and stay for any reason.  

This includes – but is not limited to – illness (including Covid), a requirement or recommendation to self-isolate or quarantine, shielding, a call to jury duty, military service, incarceration, change in personal or work circumstances, family emergencies, travel delays, vehicle breakdown, and delays with public transport. These remain at Your risk and do not give rise to a right to cancel or to receive a refund unless We re-let the property, other than according to the amounts listed above. You are strongly recommended to take out suitable travel insurance to cover these eventualities. If You choose not to take out suitable travel insurance for Your needs, then You accept responsibility for any loss that You may incur due to Your cancellation.

b.) Cancellation by Us

Occasionally We may have to make changes to Your property rental and reserve the right to do so at any time. Most of these changes would be minor and We will advise You of them as soon as they apply. If We are forced to cancel the property rental because of Force Majeure Event or for any reason that makes the property unfit for rental, We may, at our sole discretion, offer You the choice of either allowing Us to try to locate a suitable alternative property on Your behalf, a full or partial refund (depending upon costs We have incurred), or such other remedy as We consider appropriate (acting reasonably) with regard to the circumstances. Please note that We are not liable for any consequential loss or incidental expenditure resulting from the cancellation of Your holiday. For the purposes of this Contract, Force Majeure Event means any of the following circumstances which may hinder or prevent the performance by Us of the Contract, including but not limited to: (a) acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster; (b) epidemic or pandemic; (c) terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations; (d) nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom; (e) any law or any action taken by a government or public authority, including without limitation imposing a restriction, prohibition, or failing to grant a necessary licence or consent; (f) collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident; (g) any labour or trade dispute, strikes, industrial action or lockouts; (h) non-performance by suppliers or contractors; and (i) interruption or failure of utility service and the period of closure covers Your booking.


It is the responsibility of the Customer to acquire suitable travel insurance for themselves and their party to cover the booking. We strongly recommend that the You acquire suitable insurance to cover circumstances beyond the Your control such as, but not limited to, jury duty, incarceration, change in personal or work circumstances, military service, illness – including Covid and shielding, family emergencies and travel delays.

Covid is also now a known risk and it is possible for You to insure Your holiday against it. This can include You or any of the party having Covid, You or any of the party having to isolate or quarantine, or You wishing to shield any Members of the party.
There are several options which include cover for Covid related cancellations available from organisations like:


The Guest agrees with the Owner as follows:

a) Not to deface, make any alterations or additions to the interior or exterior of the Premises or to the decoration, fixtures or fittings of the Premises or to the furniture.

b) To keep the furniture, soft furnishings and equipment in their present state of repair and condition and to replace with similar articles of at least the equivalent value and standard, any items of furniture which may be found to be missing or destroyed (reasonable wear and tear excepted).

c.) Not to remove any of the furniture from its present position in the Premises.

d.) To use the premises as a private holiday residence for up to 3 persons only and not for any other purposes whatsoever. Additional persons may be accommodated by prior arrangement only.

e.) Not to affix any poster or placard to the interior or exterior of the Premises.

f.)  Not to do or permit to be done anything which may be a nuisance or annoyance or cause of damage to any neighbouring or adjoining property.

g.)  Not to do anything or suffer or permit anything to be done as a result of which any policy or insurance held by the Owners on the Premises may become void or voidable or subject to an increased rate of premium.

h.) Not to use the property for any illegal or immoral purposes.

i.) Not to play or permit to be played in the premises any musical instrument or sound production equipment between 11.00pm and 8.30am or so as to be audible outside the premises.

j.) To permit the Owners or their agents access to the Premises to deal with any maintenance or security issues.

k.) Not to smoke or permit smoking or use of candles inside the Premises.

l.) Not to allow pets inside the Premises.

m.) Your use of the property does not entitle You to charge an electric vehicle or appliance other than personal electronic devices.  If You have particular charging requirements, please get in touch before Your Stay and We can discuss this.


We shall not be liable to You or Your party for loss or damage to property howsoever arising. You must take all necessary steps to safeguard yourselves and Your property.


You are legally bound to reimburse Us for replacement, repair or extra cleaning costs on demand.
The guest will pay a security deposit of £100 which is fully refundable, less any sum which may be due to the Owners from the Guest as a result of any breach of the Guest's obligations under this Contract.

On completion of the letting period: The Guest agrees to leave the Premises and the furniture, in a clean and tidy state of repair and condition and in accordance with the provisions of this Contract.


Complaints must be reported immediately to the owners of the property or to their representatives thereby giving them the opportunity to rectify the problem during Your stay. If the problem cannot be rectified during Your stay, You must write to Us within 14 days of departure giving full details of Your complaint. We cannot accept complaints if You have not followed the course of action laid down in this clause.                                                                            

Only the named guests are permitted to use or stay in the property. If You are expecting overnight visitors, You must let Us or our representatives know. You and Your party must not exceed at any time the numbers of sleeping places, i.e. 4. The owners or our representatives have a right at all times to refuse access to the property for people who are not members of the party.   
a.) Check-In Time. This is from 16.00 Hrs / 4.00pm on the arrival day booked.
b.) Check Out Time. This is by 09.30 Hrs / 09.30am on the departure day booked.

In some circumstances We can be a little flexible on this, provided that there are no imminent new arrivals. Please check with Us and when possible We will be happy to oblige.

a.)   If at any time during the letting period, the fee or any part of it is unpaid or any clause contained in the Contract is broken or not performed or observed by the Guest, it shall be lawful for the Owners or their Agent at any time to enter the property. Upon entry this Contract shall determine the right of action of the Owners or their Agent in respect of any breach of any clause contained in this Contract.

b.)  This Contract is made on the basis that the Premises are to be occupied by the Guest for a Holiday as mentioned in the Housing Act 1988 Schedule 1 paragraph 9 and the Guest acknowledges that this Contract is not an assured tenancy and that no periodic tenancy will arise on the determination of the letting period.

c.)  As a holiday letting, this Contract is an excluded agreement for the purpose of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

d.)  It is the intention of the Owners and the Guest during the term of this Contract that the occupation by the Guest of the Premises is for the purposes of a holiday let only and that the Guest occupied the Premises solely on this basis and that this Contract shall take effect as a holiday letting Agreement only.

e.) If any part of these Terms is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of all other parts of these Terms shall not be affected.
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